IOSTBEST NODE — партнер и блок-продюссер IOST

Counting votes and awards

The required number of votes to be received during the ERC-20 election is now reduced to 2.1 million votes (approximately 100 people each with $ 150 tokens).

Candidates who succeed during the ERC-20 election will have the opportunity to become a Servi node (a complete node that can participate in the production of blocks)

All candidates must collect at least 2.1 million votes during the elections in the ERC-20. If this minimum number of votes is received during the elections in ERC-20, which will be valid until the launch of Mainnet, then the candidate will receive the right to receive remuneration.

The remuneration pool consists of 4% of the total supply (840 million IOST Tokens)

Examples of total rewards

Suppose the total number of IOST votes cast is 10% of the total circulation (2.1 billion IOST), and Partner A receives 1% of the total number of votes (21 million Votes)
The income from the premium pool for a partner in the first year is approximately:
21,000,000,000 (Total circulation) x 4% x 1% (based on the share of votes) = 8,400,000 IOST
Half of that amount yost comes to those who voted for us 
That is, the size of the award depends on the total number of votes, if it is 4.2 billion, and Partner A receives the same 21 million, his reward is 21,000,000,000 * 4% * 0.5% = 4,200,000 iost (decreases by 2 times ). And vice versa, if the total number of votes is 1.1 billion IOST, the reward will be higher than 21,000,000,000 * 4% * 2% = 16,800,000 Iost

 Of course, if the total number of votes cast for all candidates is very large (for example, 21 billion), then the reward for each vote will be substantially less.
In any case, we consider it necessary to support the IOST team, because we believe in the future of the project and want to make a feasible contribution to its development.