IOSTBEST NODE — партнер и блок-продюссер IOST

How to create an account and your token on the IOST blockchain.

This article addresses two questions:
Part 1 — creating an IOST account
Part 2 — creating your token on the IOST blockchain


You can create an account via the iostaccount command:

  • Tick the Tick the box “Auto Generate” or Enter the desired name in the account field, up to 11 characters abc….xyz1234567890_
  • Click to get a code
  • Copy registration code to clipboard
  • Input a registration code & Press the NEXT button
  • Copy PubKey and save in a secret place, where later on you can write down PrivKey
  • Wait for a while, and here it is — your account!

!!! Do not forget to keep the PrivKey, PubKey and account name in a safe place!!!


Token20 is a standard for implementing a token on the IOST blockchain. In order to create your token, you need to have an IOST account in the main network and an installed iWallet.

In order to create your token on the IOST blockchain, you need to install iWallet on your computer.

2.1 To do this, first you need to install Go.

Official binary distributions are available for the FreeBSD operating systems (version 10-STABLE and above), Linux, macOS (10.10 and above) and Windows, as well as 32-bit (386) and 64-bit (amd64) x86 processor architectures.

Let’s consider installing Go for Mac OS.

To do this we need to download the installation file and install Go. Load the package file, open it, and follow the instructions for installing the Go tools.

The package installs the Go distribution in /usr/local/go. The package should place the /usr/local/go/bin directory in the PATH environment variable. You may need to restart all open terminal sessions for the changes to take effect.

2.2 Then we open the Terminal and install iWallet:

go get

Next, we import our account. To do this, we need to go to the directory with iWallet:

cd go/bin

Replace your_account_name and your_privkey with your real ones:

./iwallet account import your_account_name your_privkey -s

Next, we need some IOST coins. We fund the account with 100 coins. Transfer from Binance to account_name, without MEMO.

Increase the reserve of GAS, for this we will lay 30 IOST:

./iwallet --account name_of_your_account call 'gas.iost' 'pledge' '["name_of_your_account","name_of_your_account","30"]' -s

Let’s buy some iRAM:

./iwallet --account name_of_your_account call 'ram.iost' 'buy' '["name_of_your_account","name_of_your_account",1000]'-s

2.3 Let’s start creating a token:

./iwallet call token.iost create '["your_name_of_your_token”, “your_account”, number_total, {"decimal": 8, "fullName": "full name of the token"}]' --account your_account -s


( ./iwallet call token.iost create '["styx", "iostbest", 100000000, {"decimal": 8, "fullName": "styx foundation token"}]' --account iostbest -s

Then we transfer to ourselves:

./iwallet call token.iost issue '["your_name_of_your_token", "your_account", "amount_total"]' --account your_account -s

Congratulations, you are now the owner of an impressive amount in the currency of your own production!