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Hello our dear voters! In this article we summarize the outcomes of the second quarter (Q2), take a closer look at the achieved results and outline further plans for development! Here we go:
The goals that we set for ourselves in Q2:
1. The increase in the number of votes up to 50–60 million
2. Raising awareness about the IOST project

Achievement of goals:

In Q2 we followed a strategy that allowed us to find the optimal balance between the income of our voters and the net income of our node:
Starting from May 3 we distribute 100% of the daily income of the node to our voters.
Before May 3 we distributed additional rewards to our voters, first doubling and then tripling the standard daily reward. The income of our voters for 100 000 votes was 45–65 IOST (reward with additional bonuses) instead of 10–12 IOST per day (standard daily reward for votes).
Thus, in Q2 IOSTBEST had one of the highest node profitability.
As a result, IOSTBEST NODE has risen from 88–80 to 31–27 place in the overall rating of all nodes, while the number of attracted votes increased almost 10 times, from ≈ 2.5M to 21–24M.

We got Tier 2

In Q2 IOSTBEST node distributed 538 571 IOST — which is comparable to the rewards for Tier1
As a result of work performed in Q2 IOSTBEST got Tier 2, and this is additional 344 448 IOST to the income of our voters;
Thus, our voters will get rewards equal to Tier1 + Tier 2!

The profitability of the IOSTBEST node for Q2 including Tier 2 rewards is as follows:

Input data for calculation:

  1. Voter’s reward for Tier 2
    344 448 IOST / 20 000 0000 votes = 0.0177 IOST / 91 = 0.000189 IOST (for 1 vote per day)
    0.000189 IOST * 100 000 votes = 18.92 IOST per 1 day for 100 000 votes
  2. IOSTBEST node voter’s reward for 100 000 IOST + Tier 2 reward
    18,92 IOST + 45 IOST = 63.92 IOST per 1 day for 100 000 votes
  3. IOST BEST node voter’s reward + reward for participating in voting + reward for Tier 2
    63.92 IOST + 10 IOST = 73.92 IOST per 1 day for 100 000 votes
  4. IOST BEST node voter’s reward in % per annum
    73.92 * 91 day (Q2) = 6726.72 IOST
    73.92 * 365 days = 26 980 IOST per year
    26 980 IOST / 100 000 votes = 26.98% annual

Raising awareness in the second quarter:

We conducted 2 educational quests and distributed 40 000 IOST to “The Game of Thrones” fans — because of that we received 2,268 views on Twitter and 1,150 new members of our telegram group @bestiost.

A lot of work remained “behind the scenes”, but as the result of this work, IOST BEST node helped to integrate IOST token into the real sector economy — in the largest crowdfunding platform in Eastern Europe. The partnership of IOST with Boomstarter is picking up the pace and will be fully appreciated in the third quarter of the current year.

IOST expressed sincere appreciation and gratitude to IOSTBEST node for our contribution:
«The Foundation is happy to announce that Boomstarter will join our ecosystem as an IOST Partner Node. We extend special thanks to IOST BEST Node, who has facilitated the on-boarding of Boomstarter into the IOST ecosystem and helped in the integration of the $IOST onto the Boomstarter platform»

Link to article:

Quests and quizzes:

Some of our plans for third quarter (Q3):

  • Development of relationships with Boomstarter (IOST network partner, iUSD integration)
  • Presentation of IOST at offline meetings
  • Twitter account development
  • Search for companies with the aim of introducing IOST as a means of payment
  • Search for companies to integrate the IOST blockchain

In the third quarter we aim to get Tier 1 and to achieve this we will do our best!
IOSTBEST node — vote for the best!
IOSTBEST node team is always open for new ideas and suggestions — together we will achieve more, together we will become even better!

Our contacts:
Telegram group: @bestiost