IOSTBEST NODE — партнер и блок-продюссер IOST

We would like to tell you why we decided to become the IOST node.

We learned about the project in early 2018 and immediately became interested in an innovative approach to building a decentralized blockchain community with equal rights and opportunities for all participants. We watched the team throughout the year 2018: meetings, conferences, social activity, network upgrades, weekly activity reports; this list can be supplemented endlessly. We realized that the team is in serious mood and obsessed with their ideas! Gradually getting acquainted with the concept of building an IOST ecosystem, we began to understand the innovativeness of the vision of solving many problems that exist in blockchain.
A unique IOST VMMANAGER virtual machine with no problems with design and performance, smart contract update, and much more.

We will not write about closed ICO and IOST institutional investors. In conclusion, we would like to note another important detail — it is the team’s openness to communication. The team is answering and continues to promptly answer all our questions — this is very, very important for building a successful decentralized open network!!
And here we are with IOST Team!


👉 Long-term maintenance of the IOST network
👉 Development of partnering relationships with daps developers
👉Open and honest dialogue with members of the network who gave us their votes. Our chat in the telegram
👉Reinvestment of 30-40% of profits in the development of Servi Node
👉Raising awareness of the community about the IOST project, popularizing the ideas of the developers team.
👉Publishing monthly progress reports on the development of IOST BEST NODE

We would be grateful for the support of our candidacy by the IOST community! Together we will win! Decentralization is each of us and together we create the future of our world.

Sincerely, IOST.BEST NODE Team
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